The House That She Built


Domani Home Design’s own Stefani Thatcher came together with other members of the Utah HBA Professional Women in Building to complete The House That SHE Built: a 3,200 sq ft home in Saratoga Springs, UT.

With an all-female labor team, this building project is thought to be the first of it’s kind! Proceeds from the sale of the home went towards furthering efforts to bring more women into construction in the form of scholarships, donations to women-run charities, and educational events. 

As a part of its educational initiative, The House That SHE Built has gone on to publish a children’s book of the same name, with the hopes that it will inspire the next generation.

Check out these articles from NAHB to learn more about this project and the amazing women that made it happen:

The House That SHE Built
The House That SHE Built
The House That SHE Built
The House That SHE Built

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