How to Hire a Home Builder

How to Hire a Home Builder You Won’t Regret

When you’re ready to hire a home builder, finding someone who is right for you can be nerve-wracking. Here is a guide to help you get to know them better!

Your hard-working home lender has wonderful news to share with you – your home loan for your new build has been approved! 

Immediately, you feel a sense of empowerment and freedom like none other. 

Yes, you’re ready for the next step – choosing a home builder!

Many builders’ schedules book up several months in advance so it’s critical to hire a home builder now to keep your build on schedule.

But not just anyone will do. 

There’s a builder out there who will do such an amazing job for you that you’ll be recommending them for years to come. 

To find this exceptional home builder, you should identify what your top priorities are. They won’t be the same as your neighbor’s or even your brother and his family. 

Below are five examples of some of the values and traits that homeowners look for when they hire a home builder. Some may resonate with you while others may not be as important.


If experience is crucial, you want someone who’s worked with a diverse list of clients, filled their portfolio with high-quality homes, and weathered all kinds of storms in the world of home construction. 

They should be flexible enough to accommodate any changes to the schedule. For example, an actual storm or supply delay could slow down the building process so you want a builder who can reorganize his staff accordingly to keep the project on track.

And if you are very detail-oriented, look for someone who has built homes with your specific architectural style.

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Homeowners can easily be frustrated with a home builder who doesn’t give frequent progress updates and doesn’t follow up on their questions on a timely basis. 

Customer service is essential to building trust with clients but if your home builder is often unavailable, there could be moments when you’re left in the dark. 

Is this something that will bother you? If so, ask about and establish clear guidelines with your potential home builder for communication (means of communication, how often and what times are off-limits). 

And throughout the process, you should expect them to be transparent with all costs incurred or any unexpected delays that pop up.


When you hire a home builder, maybe you highly value someone who is a responsible and effective leader. From subcontractors and suppliers to their in-house crew, you need to feel comfortable that everyone under their umbrella is properly vetted and held accountable.

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For some homeowners, quality is the most important factor in their new home and they crave the most high-end products they can afford within their budget. 

If you’re always looking for innovative new materials or design, find a builder who will advise you about the latest trends or let you know if a particular product is not durable enough for the job.


The trifecta of custom home building is an architect, home builder and a designer. If it’s vital to you that these experts have a strong working relationship, hire a home builder who is both a professional and takes the time to understand what your architect and your designer want to achieve.

DHD- How to Hire a Builder


You will place a considerable amount of trust (and money) in the home builder you ultimately hire. Take the time to research and get to know all potential builders to make sure you find the one who aligns with your unique values.

Here’s a useful list of questions to ask when interviewing!

If you are in Cache Valley and would like specific recommendations to hire a home builder, feel free to contact us for a list of our favorite home builders!

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