Case Study:


Growing into the most challenging phase of home ownership, this family had originally attempted to repurpose their starter home to fit their impending future of married children and prospective grandbabies visiting and filling their home. They had nearly settled on plans that fit only about 80% of the criteria they had set for themselves. An analysis discovered some quick-fixes that turned the plan from just “OK” to “Wow! We love it!”

Case Study:


Busy, active family with multiple hobbies and revenue streams to keep themselves engaged and diversified. Mom teaches voice and swim lessons as well as foot zoning from home and has the travel bug. Dad runs a small Ebay shop and coaches water polo while also working as a teacher full-time. Together, they have four busy kids ages 7-15

Case Study:


Repeat clients looking to upgrade their space and property locale. Young and growing family, welcoming a new baby shortly after home was built. Dad co-owns local custom home-building company and is the lead finish carpenter, so he has an eye for exactness and details.