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Whatever home looks and feels like to you truly matters. Over seven billion unique human beings fill this earth. In the process to create your unique home there should be an experienced, passionate guide… one who helps you discover the vision where your hopes, dreams, and goals can be realized. At Domani Home Design we dream, define, and direct you on your path to your perfect vision of “home.”

Owner, Architectural Designer

Passion and adventure have been defining qualities for Stefani from the get-go. Nicknamed Queen Josephine by her grandfather, Stefani has always been a big dreamer and a go-getter. Playing Barbies as a little girl did NOT involve Barbie’s DreamHouse. Instead it was a custom, yarn floor-plan laid out on her bedroom floor for Barbie and friends. Add in her love for puzzles and it’s a match made in architectural heaven.

On a never-ending quest to facilitate as much heartfelt connection as humanly possible, Stefani pours her love of nature, beauty, and humanity into her work. She was introduced to CAD by her General Contractor father-in-law back in 1995, and Stefani has been learning and growing and producing custom home plans every year since. Her 10-year stint working for a local portfolio  homebuilder taught her invaluable “insider secrets” that are now infused into her independent work.

To connect with Stefani, you can find her on Houzz, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Find out what her previous clients have to say about their experience working with her.-

Case Study:

Soon-to-be empty nesters who enjoy the rural setting in which they’ve raised their family, the High Creek Cove homeowners looking for 200 degree view windows, storage space for their outdoor equipment and gear, and an at-home atmosphere for their guests. A room for each grown child and their future family keeps the home open and inviting for frequent family gatherings. For the quiet times between the family visits, main floor living offers cozy, yet customized, accommodations.)


From exploratory interview to coordination with builders, landscape architects, engineers, and interior designers, Domani Home Design sets you up for home building success. Booking a starting date will set the wheels in motion. DHD will guide you along your home design journey, outlining clear action items and target dates along the way. With a “tag, you’re it” approach, you will always know whose court the ball is in and what “homework” is expected of you. Likewise, DHD sets clear expectations of the work they’ll be delivering and when to expect it as well as coordinating efforts with other design professionals who offer valuable insight and expertise in the design process. Click here to get your free copy of their “Home Design Success Guide” or here for more information on their unique approach to custom home design.

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