Soon-to-be empty nesters who enjoy the rural setting in which they’ve raised their family, the High Creek Cove homeowners looking for 200 degree view windows, storage space for their outdoor equipment and gear, and an at-home atmosphere for their guests. A room for each grown child and their future family keeps the home open and inviting for frequent family gatherings. For the quiet times between the family visits, main floor living offers cozy, yet customized, accommodations.)


  • Your home is a living energy, breathing life into your very own individual passions. That is why we stretch and dig and pry and guide and coach you along on your journey to a tailored home design. It must be compatible with WHO you are and WHY you do what you do instead of a cookie cutter reflection of our portfolio.
  • No matter how we strive to avoid them, we know mistakes happen. How we handle them AND learn from them is what defines us
  • Collaboration always trumps independent work. We thrive on brainstorming sessions with other like-minded experts.
  • We LOVE our work and thrive on quality performance…. For ourselves, our clients, and each other as a team. Where one is lifted, all benefit.
  • Easy is NOT for us **We're here to work**. It may be tempting at times, but our very best work comes from the challenge. We refuse to be known as the ones who choose repetition over growth.
  • Positivity and enthusiasm fuel our work energy.
  • We are listeners— justifiers, never. We own all of our actions and words. Likewise, we expect the same high standards from our clients and colleagues.
  • We are dreamers— always looking to a better future and a cause greater than ourselves. Got an idea for how we can make a difference? Let us know!
  • Balance in life is vital. We will not compromise in any of our “Four Pillars of Health” and wouldn’t expect anyone else to either. When you are healthy in all areas of life: heart, might, mind, and soul— AND your environment is supportive, we believe you will be uplifted and energized to add value to the world.
  • CONNECTIONS are KEY. Our goal is for your new tailor-fit home to support the connections that matter the most to you: family, self, livelihood, life dreams, etc.
  • We firmly believe that all good things come from God. We work to be instruments in His hands to bring forth “good things.”



THE FAMILY:Repeat clients looking to upgrade their space and property locale. Young and growing family, welcoming a new baby shortly after home was built. Dad

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THE FAMILY:Busy, active family with multiple hobbies and revenue streams to keep themselves engaged and diversified. Mom teaches voice and swim lessons as well as

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Growing into the most challenging phase of homeownership, this family had originally attempted to repurpose their starter home to fit their impending future of married children and prospective grandbabies visiting and filling their home. They had nearly settled on plans that fit only about 80% of the criteria they had set for themselves. But a quick analysis discovered some quick fixes that turned the plan from just “okay” to “Wow! We love it!”

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